Free Week Cardio Kickboxing! - Chozen Martial Arts Academy - Alta Loma
(Exp: 05/31/2013)
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Chozen martial arts is, much like our country, a melting pot of techniques and philosophies from around the world.

Chozen Martial Arts instructors have trained under American Style Masters for many years. American Karate is widely recognized as using the most favorable techniques, style and philosophies of all of the Asian styles, as well as American fighting systems like boxing and wrestling. Through this combined approach, American martial art styles can accomodate all body styles and ages without forcing someone into techniques or approaches that simply do not work for them.

At Chozen Martial Arts we also teach a vast array of weaponry. Great for learning had and eye cordination. Weaponry teaches respect for inanimate objects.

CHOZEN MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY is family-owned and operated right here in Alta Loma, CA. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.

Committed to helping our customers achieve their goals

8732 Baseline Rd
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